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Stephen Percy says he couldn’t afford to buy the band’s debut single in 1962, Love me Do, but has got hold of their final one

I first heard the Beatles’ debut single, Love Me Do, on the day it was released, 5 October 1962, on my way home from school in a booth at McKenzie’s record shop in Birkenhead. Sadly, I was unable to buy a copy, not having the necessary 6s 8d (33⅓p in decimal currency). I feel that I have finally redeemed my failure of 60 years ago by buying a copy of their final single, Now and Then, on the day it came out (Review, 2 November). It has Love Me Do on the B& side. The price was £14.99, 45 times that in 1962. But no matter – at least I can& say I was there now and then.
Stephen Percy
Easton, Hampshire

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